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I've never before done any body modifications to any of my cars but when I saw pictures of the Ron Jon kit on the Acura TL forums I decided I HAD to do it. The 3rd generation Acura TL looks VERY nice coming out of the factory, but I think I wanted to add the younger, more aggressive look that the Ron Jon kit provides.

Ron Jon bodykit pictures

These pictures were taken after a normal wash. I might switch 'em for some post-Zaino pics at one point, I'm just lazy.


Ahhh... MUCH better!


People on the left see this, but I mostly drive in the left lane, so, it doesn't get seen much. :)


Gotta love the small changes Ron made to bring out such a wonderful rear end.


The one-piece side skirt is such an improvement.


I know, the color match isn't perfect -- oh well :(


I love this angle!


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