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This project started out as just finding a way to get my iPod to play through the factory head unit. I planned on somehow getting an AUX audio-in to the head unit and be done with it.

The first step was finding out how to get AUX audio into the head unit. After poking around the internet, I found this at Autotoys. This adapter is the same as the Soundgate adapter and the Blitzsafe adapter. Only one place makes it, I'm not sure who it is. You can get it elsewhere, but I grabbed it from them. I first got the version with the Navi dongle not knowing what I needed. After taking apart the console, I realized I don't need that version so I had it switched. Turns out the box doesn't work too well on 3G Acura TLs yet. There is a way to make it work though. I will explain that later.

Once I'd found the box, I started taking apart the car. This isn't just a matter of popping out the head unit (like most cars I've worked with in the past.) The entire center console has to be taken apart.

After seeing how much work it was to take apart the car, I decided then and there to do the full Navi conversion and headrest LCD install. I just didn't want to take the car apart again.

I'm just going to post some pics for now. I don't have time to do all the instructions. One day, I'll get to it though. I'll put some descriptions with the pics, so that'll help. Enjoy!



I'm not going to get into any procedural details right now. For now I'm going to post pictures only with little blurbs. All the pictures are clickable. Click to get a bigger version.


Here's the original plan. I accomplished it. :)


To remove the rear seat bench, you have to first unscrew this hidden screw.


Then reach under the seat (it's rather tight) and release these two clips on either side of the bench.


To remove the backseat, you have to remove the two hidden screws behind the headrests.


You'll also have to unscrew this screw located at each side of the backseat


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